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LS #19
Fall 2012

Cover: rider: Nico Vink photo: Christophe Bortels - Edito: Christophe Bortels

Big show, some suspense, a wonderful track, great pictures, live coverage on tv and internet, on TV news and also in the newspapers: for its second appearance in the Olympic Games, BMX was really successful ! Cross-country was introduced during the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996. Those are the two disciplines non-road or track which are present in the Games… for the moment at least! What could we expect for the future? Let’s be clear, even if we dream about it, MTB Downhill will probably never be an Olympic discipline. It would indeed adding "mountain or high hill near" to the already complex specifications for the candidate cities. Difficult… What about 4X? For the infrastructures it would be ok, but isn’t it too close from BMX Race? And don’t forget that the UCI deleted the World Cup from the calendar this year… And the UCI does not support Slopestyle either. And, whitout the support of the UCI, goodbye the Olympic dreams… All the hopes focus on… Trial! A complete discipline, spectacular, photo and telegenic, and the infrastructures can be set almost everywhere. Trial is present on the world cup circuit and in the world championships from the UCI. What more to expect? Trial must grow a little bit more, and be also more international to enter in the Olympic’s criteria ... Patience; it's probably just a matter of time!

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